Class LocalInputContext

  • public final class LocalInputContext
    extends LocalTransferContext
    This class provides a data transfer interface to the receiver side when both the sender and the receiver are in the same executor. Since the sender doesn't serialize data, the receiver doesn't need to deserialize data when retrieving them.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LocalInputContext

        public LocalInputContext​(LocalOutputContext localOutputContext)
        Creates a new local input context and connect it to localOutputContext.
        localOutputContext - the local output context to which this local input context is connected
    • Method Detail

      • isOutputContextClosed

        public boolean isOutputContextClosed()
        Checks if the connected output context has already been closed. It is for testing purpose.
        true if the connected output context has already been closed.
      • getIterator

        public org.apache.nemo.runtime.executor.transfer.LocalInputContext.LocalInputIterator getIterator()
        Creates a new iterator which iterates the receive elements from the sender.
        iterator that iterates the received elements.