Class ObjectCoderForString

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    public final class ObjectCoderForString
    extends org.apache.beam.sdk.coders.AtomicCoder<java.lang.Object>
    This coder acts like an object coder to conform the type, but is actually just a StringUtf8Coder. This should only be used in a context where the actual type is a String. Used in EDGARTop10BadRefererDocs.
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    Serialized Form
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        org.apache.beam.sdk.coders.Coder.Context, org.apache.beam.sdk.coders.Coder.NonDeterministicException
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      java.lang.Object decode​( inStream)  
      void encode​(java.lang.Object value, outStream)  
      static ObjectCoderForString of()
      Public accessor of the coder.
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      • encode

        public void encode​(java.lang.Object value,
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        encode in class org.apache.beam.sdk.coders.Coder<java.lang.Object>
      • decode

        public java.lang.Object decode​( inStream)
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        decode in class org.apache.beam.sdk.coders.Coder<java.lang.Object>