Nemo Release 0.1

Mar 2, 2019 • Won Wook SONG

Nemo 0.1 is an initial release that brings several features and performance enhancements. The most visible features are the frontend support for Beam and Spark; IR DAG with execution properties, optimization passes and policies; support for loops; dynamic optimization; multiple-job submission; and various features of the execution runtime.

You can view the JIRA-generated release note here: link.

New features / Improvements


  • Beam
  • Official Support for Apache Beam (details available on this link)
  • Spark


  • Intermediate representation (IR)
  • Execution properties
  • Passes
  • Policies
  • Loop support
  • Dynamic optimization
  • Multi-job submission

Execution Runtime

  • Data stores
  • Metadata management
  • Inter-executor data transfer (memory/disk/gluserFS for batch, pipe for streaming)
  • Data encoding & decoding
  • Partitioners
  • Block manager
  • Data location based scheduling
  • Scheduler (based on different execution properties including locality, site, anti affinity, …)
  • RDD caching

Other Components

  • Web UI

Known Issues

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Website
  • CI integration
  • Documentations

Maven Artifacts

Nemo is available in Maven Central, making it easier to link into your programs without having to build as a JAR. Use the following Maven identifiers to add it to a project:

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List of Contributors

Nemo 0.1 was the work of many contributors:

  • Arun Lakshman R
  • Byung-Gon Chun
  • Davor Bonaci
  • Eunji Jeong
  • Geon Woo Kim
  • Gyewon Lee
  • Jae Hyeon Park
  • JangHo Seo
  • Jangho Seo
  • Jean-Baptiste Onofré
  • Jeongyoon Eo
  • John Yang
  • Joo Yeon Kim
  • Kenn Knowles
  • Markus Weimer
  • Minhyeok Kweun
  • Sanha Lee
  • Seonghyun Park
  • Soojeong Kim
  • Taegeon Um
  • Won Wook SONG
  • Wooyeon Lee
  • Yunseong Lee